Weird & Wonderful: Sewage Treatment

What I will be writing about in todays weird but wonderful factual article about is sewage treatment and how sewage treatment effects us and why it is needed in our society.

Apart from the obvious fact that sewage treatment is needed otherwise we will literally be swimming in our own you know what… Their is more to sewage treatment than just dealing with our waste that leaves our homes. First of all for those who don’t know what sewage is (trust me there is people out there who don’t know!)

Sewage Is waste water that leaves our homes and properties and is collected at a sewage treatment plant.

Interesting fact: Did you know? Sewage is 99% water and only 1% waste!

This is where sewage treatment plants are introduced. These large industrial sites are where all of an areas sewage is collected and treated so that it is dafe to release back into our precious environment.

How is t collected? Sewage is collected through our drainage, such as a twin wall pipe, and underground sewers that lead the sewage to the site of treatment.

How is it treated? Well the process is unknown by me but what I do know is that the sewage is broken down so that the water is extracted from the sewage then treated so theres isn’t any bacteria, infections and most importantly diseases in the water itself. This water is then treated for a lengthy period of time until it is completely clean and pumped back into our homes for re-use!


Sewage treatment in our society is very important, the demand for water is very high for everything on Earth to survive and live. Not only is that important, sewage control is a must in order for us to live in a healthy safe environment!

A New Lighting Solution For Our Office

We decided we wanted to replace our office lighting to a more powerful and much more economic LED lighting. We had a look online to try and find the best lighting solution for our office and we did manage to find some solid advice and information on what is the best. This is where we found out that LED office lighting would be the best solution due to how good LED lighting is.

During our research on LED lighting we found out more information than we ever knew before. We found out information like:

  • LED lights can last up to 80% longer than the average halogen lightbulbenergy efficient lighting
  • LED lights also come in a brighter more neutral colour of white, unlike conventional lighting which comes in a more dim orange colour.
  • LED lighting take up very little energy
  • They do not give off heat
  • They are very reliable
  • LED lighting are also eco friendly too

After reading all of this information, we were convinced to go through with purchasing LED lighting for our office. We found a website called They provided us with the best possible eco friendly lighting we could find online. We have new lighting fitted in our office now thank to Ecotronic. These lights are perfect because they give the office a sense of natural lighting.


Clearing Up The Mess For Installation

I can’t believe how much mess I have made in my living room! I knew this would cause a bit of mess but I wasn’t ready for the amount that is made now.

I know you want to know what this mess is and what was the cause of it, at least that’s what I assume.

The reason for all this mess is that I am renovating my living room. Removing all the old horrible wallpaper in the living room and re plastering the walls for painting and replacing the floor too! As you can imagine this is never a tidy task no matter how hard you may try, I have full experience of this because I am a clean freak and nothing annoys me more than mess!

So we decided we would strip the walls to allow re plastering which we eventually got done. While replacing the floors I decided that we could possibly install underfloor heating? I mean I have always wanted to install underfloor heating but I didn’t want all the hassle of removing the flooring radiators etc. I thought now would be the best time seeing as though we are already plastering the walls so the removal of the radiators would be a lot easier plus the mess is already made.

I looked into purchasing electric underfloor heating because it is more energy efficient and works just as well. After not too long searching for the right underfloor heating to install, I found a company who will fit it in for me too. I will be getting the underfloor heating installed in 2 days, as for now, it is time to clear up this mess!

Have You Been Here?

Have you ever been to the jewellery quarter Birmingham? If you have then then you will most likely agree with or relate with everything I will be covering in this topic. If you haven’t been to the jewellery quarter then this article is ideal for you because I will be telling you why it is so good and what you are missing out on!

jewellery quarter

The jewellery is the one true place you can go to and rely on when it comes to buying fine jewellery. What makes the jewellery quarter so special is that this area is dedicated to jewellery, with so many jewellers spread across the jewellery quarter you are sure to find that one special piece of jewellery you are after. Each jeweller will provide their very own style of jewellery so you won;t have issues of bumping into similar styles. It is veyr easy to compare prices and jewellery itself due to the the amount of jewellers and how close they are to each other. This place is remarkable and is only one of the few of its kind.

Specialist Bathroom Unit

I was after a bathrooms specialists who can provide me with a new and modern looking corner bathroom unit. I recently removed my old bath tub from my bathroom. It was a standard rectangular bath tub and it took up too much room and looked out of place with the bathroom style I have at the moment and the shape of it in the room.


I wanted to buy a corner bath tub because it would be a much better fit in our bathroom and it would most likely look better. I did some searching online to try and find a corner bath rub but not many people supply corner bath tubs this is when I realised I would need to look for a bathrooms specialist. I had a search online for corner bath tubs and I found a website that had a whole variety of bath tub shapes and styles. This was ideal for me. I was very surprised with the variety of other bath rub shapes and I continues looking in hope to find something slightly better. I settled for the corner bath tub and it does look very nice!

My Dad Loved His Gift

I was looking for gift ideas for my father. The reason why I was looking for gift ideas, because I know a lot of you will be wondering, as it was going to be my fathers 47th birthday and I wanted to buy him something special and something that is of use and not just some fun gift that is only good for a few hours or days then gets lost or thrown out. Having this said, I did still want the gift to be something he would really love.

9ct gold chain

I know my dad likes to wear gold chains, not the huge gold chains the stand out a lot but, the ones that are slightly thin and more causal. My dad has a strange taste for jewellery so I wanted to buy him a gold chain that actually looks better than the one he has now. I was looking online for a 9ct gold chain and I have found quite a few of them that I was interested in but I will only bought one a week before his birthday!

Practical Item For My Office

I recently purchased a paper shredder because I wanted something new for my office that is practical this time. I have bought so many things for my office that aren’t practical I finally deicide to buy something that is a lot more practical than I expected. So I bought a paper shredder and the main reason why I bought it was because I thought it would be better to shred my paperwork before I throw it in the bin. At first I just thought it was un using it because I didn’t really need it (whatI thought) because I can just throw the paper in the bin without shredding it.


That is when it hit me. I was shredding a few documents and I realised that how practical it actually was. By shredding my paperwork and documents I was essentially destroying them do they are safe from getting in the wrong hands. At this point I was very happy and felt good knowing my documents are safe. I even recommend a paper shredder to my colleagues who do not have one already.

Buying Another Designer Watch

I was searching online for designer watches because I was after a designer watch. I decided I wanted to purchase a designer watch because I wanted a different style to the one I already have. The one I already have is a stainless steel Armani watch, this watch is very smart and equally stylish however, it isn’t ideal for everyday wear and with causal clothing as much as it suits formal and business wear. This is why I was looking for a much more casual designer watch.

white watch mens

I came across a few watches I really liked. I wanted the watch the be wither black or white or any very neutral colour but preferably black or white because I love these two colours. The best watch that I came across was on a website called Design Centre Jewellery. This website had a wide variety of different watches to choose from. I found so many watches I liked even though I am very fussy with the colours etc. I did buy a designer watch from them, it should be arriving in a around 3 days.

This Place Is Ideal For Jewellery

I have known about the jewellery quarter for a long time and I haven’t actually been to the place even though I live about 15 minuets drive away form it. On of the only reasons why I haven’t been here is because I never really seen the need to go visit the jewellery quarter, just because I never buy jewellery. I only recently went to jewellery quarter because I was in need of diamond rings. I knew that diamond rings Jewellery Quarter are very popular and I have been told by many people I know to go visit the jewellery quarter for this ring.

Gold wedding ring

After hearing this I thought I would go down and see what this place was like. My first thoughts where, wow, the variety and mass of jewellery you can find here is unbelievable then I quickly realised how easy it was to compare the quality of other jewellers along with the prices they had to offer too, because the jewellers are very close with each other. I was quickly found the ring I was after thanks to how good this place is.

My Best Ring

I recently purchased a diamond ring from my local jeweller. I really love the look of the ring and it is by far my most favourite ring I have ever bought, and the most expensive ring too. I showed my brand new ring to my good friend and she really liked it too and asked me how much it cost. The ring itself cost £400 which is actually a pretty good deal and she said so herself. She asked me if I got a certificate of authenticity with the jewellery and I of course, replied no, because I didn’t get one with it. She then stressed to me how important it is to get that certificate because not only is it peace of mind knowing you have bought authentic jewellery it also adds value to the piece.


At this point I was a little concerned if my diamonds where certified diamonds so I took my ring to a specialist who would tell me what it was worth and if it was authentic. To my amazement he told me the ring was 100% authentic and it is worth around £400 – £500!

Pest Preventative Measures

I think my neighbours home is infested by mice and I am not sure what else to do. What I have tried to already is knock on his door to tell him about the problem, I have also tried to ring him on his house phone and I have tried countless times on his mobile too but I can’t get through to him in anyway. You may be wondering why his infestation is a concern to me because at the end of the day, it his his problem and it has nothing to do with me. Believe me, this is something I always wonder to myself but I have to be concerned because the infestation could spread to my home and that is something I couldn’t bare to imagine.


I called a pest control company by searching for pest control Lichfield to come down my house and have a look and see if he is infested and if they could access my home. They said unfortunately they cannot do anything on his property without his permission but they did lay down preventative measures on my property.

Removing Iron Dioxide From My Heating

My heating system wasn’t working properly and that was mainly due to the build up of iron dioxide in my central heating system. Right now you may be wondering how on Earth do I know this and how did I find out. Luckily for you, I will be answering those queries in this post.


First of all my heating system wasn’t giving out as much heat as it was suppose to and this was costing me a lot of money due to the fact that I had to set my heating higher than the temperature I actually wanted it at because it wouldn’t reach it. This was very expensive and definitely not worth the money. For this reason I called a heating and bathrooms specialist who took a good look at my heating and come up with this conclusion that there was a huge build up of iron dioxide and the only way to get rid of it and prevent it from re occurring is to instal a power flush system. He said power flushing will clear any debris and make your heating more efficient.

Do You Need a Shredder?

I have been working for for a company called Shreddy Go Go for quite some time now. If you haven’t got the slightest hint on what my job involves from the companies name then I will have to explain it to you. If you continue reading you will find out anyway. What Shreddy Go Go is, is an online retailer of paper shredders. It is the number stop to find your perfect paper shredder. We have hundreds of paper shredders to choose from such as high security paper shredders, office paper shredders, cross cut papers shredders and much much more.


The reason why we sell paper shredders online and not in stores is because it is a lot easier to sell a product of this kind online because it can be bought and shipped worldwide as there isn’t a huge need for paper shredders so it would be pretty pointless to have a paper shredder store in one area. This would only be practical if we had hundreds of stores world wide. This would cost way too much and just wouldn’t be worth it unless we were billionaires. visit our website at

Why Is Gold Valuable

Gold is a metal that has been a round for thousands of years. The metal was very valuable thousands of years ago and even today the value of gold is even higher. You may or may not be wondering why gold is so valuable when all it is, is just a metal. This is true, it is just a metal but it is not like any other metal in its category. Gold isn’t the usual colour you would find metals, metals usually come in the greyscale of colours e.g. grey and silver but gold however doesn’t.

gold jewellery

Gold comes in it’s natural colour of bright yellow. Gold is also no reactive and is very malleable (just a tiny piece of gold can be stretched up to 50x times its size), this is why gold jewellery is popular. Another thing that makes gold very valuable is its rarity. Gold is a rare metal and it is formed deep down into the Earth not only does this make it valuable it is even harder to extract out of the Earth.

Jewellery Shopping

I was in the Birmingham jewellery quarter a few days ago. The reason why I was there, because I know there will be a lot of your wondering, was to have a look at some jewellery with my partner. My partner and I both share the same love towards jewellery and we both have collection of jewellery. The reason why we go to the jewellery quarter is because all the jewellers are in close proximity with one another and they all sell the best jewellery available in Birmingham.

birmingham jewellery quarter


What makes the jewellery quarter so goo to shop for jewellery is because you don’t have to go far to see what jewellery other jewellers offer and this makes it easier to compare prices on jewellery and to see who has the best jewellery available that you are after. my partner and I have been shopping in the jewellery quarter for a long time and we will continue shopping here because it is so convenient and the jewellery you can find here is just amazing.

Eliminate Pests And Get Your Home Back

Do not let pests take over your home and call deal with it before it happens. Right now you are probably wondering why I am stressing this point but believe me I have a good reason to why. I recently had an infestation in my home and It was the worst feeling you can possibly have knowing that you house is essentially getting taken over by an unwanted guests who do not belong on your property. Having any pest on your property makes you feel uncomfortable and insecure in your own home and that is something you do no want to feel at home.


To deal with my infestation I tried many home remedies and products you can buy from the shops to hopefully eliminate and defeat the pests. Non of them worked, and the reason why is because some pests are clever and tend to avoid whatever it is you have put in place to defeat them. What makes pests even more difficult to control is that they can access areas of your home you can’t even see or reach with destroying your property so you nay think you are getting rid of the pests but there could be hundreds more breeding and hiding where you cant see. In the end I called a pest control company who did continuous treatment to solve my problem. I found them by searching for pest control walsall.

My Heating Issues (Fixed)

I recently had my heating checked by a heating repairs and servicing company. They sent over a great guy who did a thorough check through my heating system to make sure it was working correctly and efficiently, unfortunately I already knew it wasn’t hence the reason why I called him out. So, what were the problems I was facing with my heating then you may be wondering. The problem I had was my central heating system wasn’t giving out the heat I set it too and not only that it would take forever to even reach a temperature close to what I set it as. As you can imagine this insufficient heating meant that I was paying a lot of money just to keep my house relatively warm.


The guy who came round to check my heating system quickly came to the decision that the problem was caused by the build up of iron dioxide in radiators this caused blockages and the only way to remove them and to prevent the build up is to install a power flushing system. I went through with the installation and now my heating is  better than ever.

The Only Printing Company I Use

There is only one place I like to go when I am in need of something printing. Whats is i this place I am talking about called? The place is called Big In Ink. The only reason why I go here is because they are the best printing company in Birmingham. I had a bad experience with one of my old printing company I use to use. I ordered 500 business cards for my company and they print quality was very poor, the colours weren’t even solid. The coloured boxes had a line through them caused by the printer. When I asked fro a refund because I didn’t like it, they said sorry but there is nothing we can do about it and I was stuck with very bad looking business cards.


Over at Big In Ink their prints are fantastic. They are very bold and vibrant colours. I believe that having professional quality prints will have a positive overall image on the company too. This is the reason why I only go to the number one printers in Birmingham.

Our Visit To The Quarter

I went to visit the jewellery quarter with my wife to see if we could find some nice new jewellery. The reason why we chose to got the jewellery quarter is because we know the jewellery quarter is the best place to go when it comes to buying or looking at jewellery. We have shopped at the jewellery quarter for many years now it is the only place we ever go to to purchase jewellery.

The reason why is because this place has the fines jewellery available and it is really convenient because all the jewellers are very local and it is easier to compare the jewellery and the prices that each jeweller has to offer. Not only is this beneficial to use because we don’t have to travel we also know a guy who works in a Jewellers in jewellery quarter. He knows what is new and always guides us into helping us find the right jewellery we are looking for. Wedding rings jewellery quarter are very popular and so are engagement rings.

I Proposed!

I was looking around for engagement rings Birmingham. The reason why I was searching for engagement rings in general, if you haven’t quite gathered yet is that, we are getting engaged! After all those years together and those wonderful memories we still share. Now we are about to share a ring together and to hope to make further deeper memories and continue our love for each other. I proposed to her on a saturday evening out to posh restaurant. I said It was a treat to celebrate our relationship and how long we have been together. We had a fantastic night and it ended on such a high note because she said yes!


The engagement ring I bought her was white gold and had a few diamonds on it. I bought this engagement ring from Birmingham. Birmingham was the best place for me to go because there where so many jewellers available for me to go and visit while being able to easily compare the prices and rings. She was very happy with her ring and thats what makes it all worth while.

Father’s Day Gift

As you all know, fathers day just went past and we had a really good day. We went out for a lovely family meal and watched movie Godzilla at the cinemas in 3D too, the film was just amazing, neither of us was expecting it to be as good as it was. My dad really enjoyed himself too and that’s what made all the money I spent on fathers day worth it.

white watch mens

As a fathers day gift I bought him a watch. I was very uncertain as to what to buy him on farther day. There are so many novelty items and gifts you can buy and you just tend to throw them out. This is why I wanted to buy something that is meaningful and useful. I had a look online by searching watches for men and I found this amazing website full of mens watches at a very good price too. The variety of the watches were great too and I ended up finding he perfect watch easily. His face on fathers day when he received was priceless.

In Need Of One More Room

We have a family of four and we live in a 3 bedroom house, this isn’t a problem for our family at all but we decided it would be a good idea if we had another bedroom in our home. We have always wanted to have another bedroom in our home but we couldn’t afford to do an extension just for that purpose and we do not want to move out of this home because we are very settled here and would really not want to move out to anywhere else really. My partner and I had a little discussion about the extra a bedroom and moving out along with every other general things about bedrooms.


After the discussion we came up with the idea of loft conversions. A loft conversion would be 100% ideal for us! It’s exactly what we want and my guess is that it probably wont cost that much plus it’s making use of a part of the home that has never been used. We called a guy from Buckley Loft Conversions to see how much it would cost us roughly to convert it into a room so we can furnish it. He took some measurements and said he will get back to me.

Prints For Our Charity Event

I have an event that I am doing and my local school have authorised me to be able to do it on their playground as it is to do with helping out the kids with learning difficulties and try and raise some money to help take care of them and provide suitable learning facilities for them.


To raise awareness of this event we required some posters to put around the school and inside the school, we also needed flyers and printed handouts another thing we needed printing was the form to that will contain all their personal contact email. We haven’t got designs for them yet but we are also in need of some designs too. A friend of mine told me to visit Big In Ink in Birmingham, he said they are the number one printers in Birmingham and they will even provide me with graphic design help as well as providing me with professional prints I require. I did get my prints of them and I am very pleased with their service they managed to get everything printed well before I needed them and they also gave me a little discount as it was going to help out the unfortunate children.

You Need To Relax

Relaxation is a must. Our body needs to relax so it can be able to recover and regenerate. If we don’t relax it can be very bad for our body. If we do not relax you may start to be more agitated and feel a lot more stressed. You may start to occur mood swings, and fatigue can also occur if proper relaxation isn’t in place.

Luxury Hot Tub

As far as relaxation goes there are many ways in which you can relax. IT all comes down to personal preference really. Some people like to listen to music while they relax, some people like to lay in bed, some people may even like to sit and watch movies. Relaxation is a great way to feel happy and get more time to yourself. This is great way to be free of stresses. If you can make time for yourself just to do things you like to do will really have a positive effect on your mood. One way I like to relax is in my hot tub. I bought my hot tub online by searching hot tubs UK

Brand New Bathroom

I recently had a lot of work done to my bathroom because I felt like it was old and dated and I wanted to fit in a bathroom that was modern and a lot more up to date. I had a browse through some of the local bathroom specialists to see where I could find a brand new bathroom to get to get fitted in sometime within the month.


I asked a few friends I knew too and they gave me advice on where to look and who to go to. Thanks their advice they lead me into finding the right bathroom supplier who offered great products at a low price. I ordered the bathroom for installation later. I already had the tiles for the flooring and my builder who was offering to fit the tiles and the bathroom for me said I might as well install underfloor heating because it’s much better than central. He said its a miles better than standard heating in the bathroom especially because you benefit from warm floors which is ideal for when you step out of the bath and overall comfort.

Blue Collection

I was searching around for jewellers in my area. I was having a hard time to find a jeweller near me who offered me a wide collection of jewellery. The reason why I say collection of jewellery and not just jewellery alone is because I love wearing jewellery to match my outfit. Not just in style but in colour too. I love to wear coloured dresses and coloured piece of clothing with black trousers or jeans. This way all the attention is guided to the colours that I am wearing and is a nice contrast from dark to colourful.

bespoke ring


One of my favourite colours to wear is blue. Theres many reasons why I love the colour blue but one the main reason is because the colour of my eyes are blue and I think having the combination of blue eyes and subtle blue earrings or jewellery looks great. I found a jeweller near me who offered me an amazing collection of blue jewellery. Not only was this jewellery the colour I was looking for the styles of the jewellery itself was unique.

Soon To Be Mine

I have been looking to buy a new car for quite a long time now but I couldn’t really be bothered plus I had a lot of things to sort out before I could think about buying a new car. I have a Renault Megan at the moment, it works fine and I like it however, I am bored of it and I would like a car with a lot more power. I am more into the M Power BMW’s. I have always loved BMW’s and thats the car I will be looking to buy, but it has to be in the M power range.

for sale car

I am a big fan of the BMW 3 Series range but I am open to any M Power BMW. I decided to take a look into buying one seeing as though I am basically finished with the things I had to get done. I searched auto trader to try and find an M3 preferably in white. I came across one I really liked from a car dealer Lichfield. I am so excited to see it and will be going shortly to have look.

Our Biggest Choice

We are about to make one of our biggest choices in our lives. We have been together for almost 6 years and we have decided together that we want to get married! I couldn’t be any happier with my partner and I don’t even know how I could live without her. Because she means the world to me I only ever want what is best for her so I want to find the best possible wedding ring for her that I can afford. I have been searching everywhere for the perfect wedding ring.

Gold wedding ring

I want the wedding ring to be gold because I know how much she loves gold jewellery. She has a collection of gold jewellery that she has owned for many years, some of which I have bought for her. In terms of the wedding ring, I wanted it to be traditional yet stylish but i am a very fussy person so I still haven’t found the right ring yet but hopefully it won’t be long until I do.

Unsatisfied With Your Heating?

I had many problems with my old central heating system that left me unsatisfied. The problems I was having were that the heating itself didn’t seem to be giving out as much as it should, the heating system doesn’t spread heat equally so I feel like I have to stand next to the radiator all the time. I also felt like there where many cold spots too around my home not to mention how much this central heating system was costing me to run.

I spoke to a guy, who had a lot of knowledge about heating systems in general as he installs them for a living, and he told me the options I have with my heating system and what he would recommend.


After a little discussion about my options his best recommendation was for me to install an underfloor heating system. He told me if you want to save money on heating bills along with having warm floors, perfect heat distribution and ultimate comfort then install underfloor heating.

Certified Jewellery

If you are looking for platinum wedding rings it is important you go to a fine jeweller and that the wedding ring is certified. It’s hard to tell the difference between Platinum and silver to the untrained eye. It is also important if you are purchasing diamonds that the diamonds are certified, certified diamonds are available at fine jewellers and diamonds can easily be replicated and may not be genuine.

platinum wedding ring

I was looking to buy a platinum wedding ring and I also wanted to have at least one diamond on it. I asked many jewellers who I was interested in purchasing from if they had certificates of authenticity so I know what I am purchasing is authentic and worth the thousands of pounds it was going to cost me. I did purchase a platinum wedding ring but the one that I bought was covered with small diamonds and I thinks it’s beautiful. It really compliments my style and outfits.

Pest Removal

I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t think it would be so hard to get rid of an infestation. I discovered a had an infestation a few weeks back. I tried everything. I had an infestation of ants in my kitchen, It seemed like everything I tried just failed to work. I followed some tips online to try and solve the problem at home but like I said they all failed. I tried things such as hoovering and cleaning constantly so theres no trace of any food. I tried putting ant powder on their trails and possible access points. None of them worked, for this reason I had to call a pest control in sutton coldfield.


Luckily for me they were really good at what they do. They used a special substance and a technique to guide the ants away. A week after the treatment my infestation was gone. I couldn’t have been more happier with the support and service of the pest control agency.

Marketing Strategies

If you are looking to market yourself, product or business it is important the techniques you use for marketing are professional and innovative to achieve the best results. This is important because you want to make a good first impression. First impressions really do count. We like to judge something within the first few seconds we lay eyes on it. This is completely natural, it is to do with out flight or flight response in order for us to make the right decisions to survive. This links into lets say a poster as a marketing strategy. If the poster doesn’t look good we will naturally won’t be interested with the poster. If the poster was vibrant, with a great design and an excellent print it will catch your eye and might interest you a lot more.


If you are looking for printing solutions or are in need of graphic design or marketing strategies I would advise you to check out Big in Ink. They are the number 1 printers in Birmingham and is the only place I got to get my prints.

Sewage And Waste Water

Brief summary about sewage

Sewage ,explained in the simplest way, is just water that is dirty due to it being the run off water form your sinks, toilets or whatever the water comes form it will always lead through a drain into a sewer.

What’s a sewer?

Sewers are an underground piping system, the piping can vary from sizes and types like twin wall pipe. The sewers then lead the waste water to a sewage treatment plant.

What are Sewage Treatment plants and what do they do?

Sewage treatment is a process used to clear water of any waste. A sewage treatment plant is huge. They are a biological treatment plants that use natural processes to break down and clear bacteria and any thing that is harmful to us and the environment

To remove any bacteria or disease causing organisms that live within the sewage. These are vital to be removed before they are released into the environment again.

Store water

You can also store your own water for quick and easy access with water tanks.

Fine Jewellers Near Me

I love fine jewellery and have been looking for a jeweller who offers fine hand crafted jewellery that is unique and matches my style. The problem I keep getting and I bet most of you who are looking for fine hand crafted jewellery may get is that they all seem to be the same style. No matter what jeweller you go to they all seem to offer the same type of jewellery at very similar prices. There wasn’t anything unique about any piece.

bespoke ring

I was looking for jewellers in Leicester. I was born and raised in Leicester so I don’t plan on moving and I have come to know this place really well. Fortunately for me after a long time shopping around I cam across a jewellers who offered me everything I asked for in a jeweller. They were called Hamlington’s Fine Jewellery. Hamlington’s understood the importance of unique jewellery and made me a ring to fit my needs and style.

Hot Tubs, Best Way To Relax

hot tubs are one of the best ways to get the deep relaxation your body requires. Hot tubs are are similar to bath tubs, however bath tubs don’t come with different seating arrangements and they certainly don’t come with warm bubbling water with controlled streams to target certain parts of your body. This is what makes hot tubs better. They can also come with built in TV’s and radios, cup holders and other cool extras.

Luxury Hot Tub

I recently purchased a hot tub in Sutton Coldfield, I was looking for cheap hot tubs near me, as we all know hot tubs can be very pricey, luckily for me I found one that had all the great features I was looking for as well as being close to my budget. With a hot tub you can get all the luxury of a spa in your own home with quick and easy access whenever you feel like chilling out.

Learn a language the quickest way

I learnt a new language fast! I recently learnt how to speak German fluently. It was so much easier than I expected all because of one simple thing. I have been wanting to learnGerman for quite some time now, the reason why I wanted to learn German is because I have a friend who lives in Germany and she can speak English but I just thought it would be greta If I learnt how to speak German. I thought that this would also improve our friendship and the way we communicate with each other.


Now I will explain how I learnt German so fast. The key is to identify your learning style and working with it. Your learning style how you and your body likes to learn for example, if you are a visual learner (likes to learn through seeing), auditory learner (likes to learn through listening), kinaesthetic learner (Likes to learn though doing things). I was a kinaesthetic leaner so my lessons were moulded to fit my learning style and I learnt really quick

The Best Place For Wedding Rings

I went to visit Jewellery Quarter because I was told by a few friends its the perfect place to go to find the best wedding rings. The obvious reason on why I was searching for wedding rings was because I was getting married in a few weeks time and I wanted to find a really nice wedding ring for my partner. My friends and I then made a visit to Birmingham Jewellery Quarter to see what type of rings this wonderful place had to offer.

Gold wedding ring

Wedding rings in jewellery quarter are very popular, this is one of the main reasons my friends were pointing out. I had a certain type of ring in mind and I knew it’s not going to be low budget. My partner means the world to me so you can imagine I wasn’t going to settle for a normal ring, I had my heart set out on purchasing a diamond wedding ring, fortunatley for me, I found a really nice one at Jewellery Quarter.

Why You Should Clean Your Air Ducts

Air ducts are a part of our home and are what provides us with fresh air to breathe. There are many reasons why you should keep them cleaned, some of which may be obvious, but a lot of them aren’t as obvious. I will be covering a few main reasons on why you should have them cleaned.


If your ducts have never been cleaned before, the air in your home can be up to 70 times more polluted than the air outside


If you or anyone else in the household has allergies having a dirty duct system can trigger off allergies. Air ducts systems provide ideal conditions for breeding of bacteria, mold, fungi and many other allergens. If you suffer from asthma this isn’t a good sign


It is important to get rid of all those dead insects, rodents and spiders that have been living and dying in your ducts


If you have had remodelling done in your home, the dust from that can circulate around your home for years.


The dust that is built up in your duct wont stop falling so it will feel like your constantly dusting


It is important you have ductwork cleaning done now and this won’t effect you. It is also important to have kitchen duct cleaning too.

The Heart of Jewellery

Birmingham Jewellery Quarter is the heart of fine jewellery. It is a place where busy city life as well as life’s luxuries collide. Wedding rings in Jewellery Quarter are really popular many people from across the UK come to visit just search for the perfect wedding or diamond rings in jewellery quarter. Why Jewellery Quarter you might wonder? Simply because jewellery quarter has such a competitive market when it comes to fine jewellery and there so much of it so why visit anywhere else?


The most expensive range you may find in the quarter are platinum rings. Platinum rings are definitely the best rings on the market. Platinum is one of the most expensive metals as it is so pure and a lot rarer than silver. If you come to visit the quarter you will quickly realise the amount of variation you find in any type of ring or jewellery in fact. If it is clothing or anything other than jewellery you are after then the city centre isn’t practically next door so you have everything you could possibly want.

Why Underfloor Heating?

 A lot of you may have heard all the hype about underfloor heating, but what is it about underfloor heating that makes it so special?
The following diagrams below illustrate the temperature profiles of different types of heating systems. The indicated zone is measured from the floor to 2 meters above the floor. The best case scenario is shown in figure 1 where the temperature gradually reduces as it rises through the occupied zone. The temperature should be at its lowest as it reaches the ceiling. People tend to feel most comfortable when their feet are a little warmer than their hands.
The profile for underfloor heating shown in figure 2 is by far the closest to the ideal profile shown in figure 1, it shows minimal temperature rise from the floor to the ceilingScreen Shot 2014-05-01 at 14.28.40
The radiators heating profile shown in figure 3 has a much higher temperature at ceiling level than at ground level
Screen Shot 2014-05-01 at 14.33.50
Underfloor heating provides many benefits apart from even spread heat some key factors are:
  • The ideal temperature profile for complete comfort
  • Lower air temperature required  to achieve comfort
  • Reduced ventilation heat losses and better energy efficiency

Pass Inspection

If you own a food business you will certainly know preparing your food in a clean and safe environment is key to be successful. The reason why keeping your kitchen  clean and safe is important is because you do not want bacteria to transfer from a dirty kitchen to a paying customer, this can cause the customer to fall ill and it can allow the spread of an illness. But it’s not just about keeping whats visible clean. It’s also about keeping areas you may not normally see clean too because those areas could be the producer of a harmful bacteria.


A common unexpected place for bacteria to form in the kitchen is the air ducts. Kitchen air ducts are the providers of our air we breathe but they are also out of the reach and may not get cleaned as often as they should be or cleaned at all! Kitchen duct cleaning is important because bacteria can form within your ducts and spread around the kitchen through the air and contaminate everything in the surrounding area. Some strict inspectors will look everywhere, even your ducts. Make sure your kitchen ducts are cleaned by a professional ductwork cleaning company.

Stretched my Ears

I have always had an interest in piercings. I had my first ear pierce when I was 13 years old. I really liked the variety of piercings you can chose from and I really enjoyed changing my earring to match my style. I eventually had both ears pierced and I stuck to silver studs, because I have been interested in earrings I noticed a new type of ear jewellery. This new type of jewellery was huge and had a big hole through it and I wondered, how on earth did anyone fit that in their ear lobes. After doing some research I decided I wanted to have a piercing like that just not as big.


I realised that this required stretching my ears and it was a long slow and painful process. This wasn’t a problem for me, however I did have to purchase an ear stretching kit. It took a few months for me to stretch my ear to the size I wanted it and I purchased all my ear stretching equipment and jewellery

Interested in Learning a Language?

If you are curious about languages or even interested in learning one you may already know languages can be complex, they can also be very hard to learn and be able to speak fluently in. Learning a language does take time, learning a new language can’t be done overnight its take hard work and commitment. It can be hard maintaining that level of hard work and commitment if you are struggling to pick it up. It can also be very hard to maintain that level when you have spent loads of hard earned money and valuable time into it.

A key to learning a language is hard work and commitment but it is also a lot about who is teaching you and how good they are at teaching you. If you find that you don’t get a long with your tutor or you just can’t adapt to the tutors learning style you should consider looking into the They have fully qualified tutors and offer the best and most friendly tutors. Check to see what languages you can learn in your area

Keeping Your Home Warm

For many years we have been doing whatever we can to keep ourselves warm, from lighting fires when we were cavemen to heating up our homes with new technology. Heating in our home is essential because our home should maintain a warm comfortable temperature. This is important because if our home is too cold it can get uncomfortable and the last thing we want to be is uncomfortable in our own home.


It is important to have a good quality heating system, if your heating isn’t as effective as you would like it to be and you are tired of using alternative methods like portable heaters and blankets, then, to get the most out of your heating system you should consider upgrading them to modern heating. The main reason why is the newer the radiators and heating systems are the more efficient they get. Newer heating systems also work a lot better than older ones. If you are interested in a new heating system I would advise you check out this site and request a free quote today


Revolutionise Your Business Through SEO

If you have your own business, you may have considered at some stage building a website to showcase your products and services for the public to see, since the online world is growing by the day as more and more people use the internet as their main source for information and products.

People used to go by medians such as the yellow pages and other directories to find out what they were looking for, but over the last decade the rise of smartphones, laptops and high speed data networks means that people are connected online 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

But putting your business at the forefront of the search engines isn’t straightforward, but is crucial to getting those conversions of customers ahead of your competitors. I use an SEO Company Leamington Spa who have worked wonders for my business, and have driven a lot of my target search terms to page one, or even better the top position of the search result.

People just don’t use things such as the yellow pages anymore, they are the thing of the past, so keeping up with the new digital era and staying one step ahead of the competition relies on having a successful SEO strategy in place to achieve the best results for your business.